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Thanks for checking us out!

We're Chelsea + Matt, the skeletons behind Unlikely Citizen Co.

We started this journey in 2020, and our goal has always stayed the same. Create a badass community where everyone is welcome.

No Judgment.

Lots of Positivity.

Tons of Laughs.

Because life is too short for the bullshit.

It's plain and simple, all of our products are inspired by life's truest moments. Our whole life we have taken pride in being different.

So when it came down to creating our scents, being unique was at the top of our list.

Since no-one has ever made a difference by being like everyone else.

Our vibe Page Specific

And just remember, if you find yourself not enjoying the simple things in life, we have one piece of advice for you.

Learn to lighten up

Because life without worries or judgement is pretty dope.

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